For Accountants

Are you an accountant who would like to offer bookkeeping services but you’re not sure how to make money doing it? Do you already spend hours doing data entry work and find it tedious and boring all while it takes you away from higher value add services? The Data Automation Company can help you with your data entry work. Our software allows you to scan your client’s invoices into the software and extracts each individual line item. Once it is verified by you, the receipt can be pushed into the accounting software. Even your clients can take a picture of their receipts while they’re on the road and email them to you. It will save you hours of work. Now you can offer value added pricing to your clients with your freed up time. You will also be able to focus your time on services that bill out at a higher rate. Now your clients are happy because their invoices are processed quickly and accurately. Our artificial intelligence assisted software will allow you to offer more services to your clients, save you time, and helps your business bring in more revenue.