For Bookkeepers

The Data Automation Company is dedicated to helping Bookkeepers to making their jobs easier and more efficient. We leverage an Artificial Intelligence platform to enable Bookkeepers to automate certain aspects of Bookkeeping and to help them code transactions faster than entering transactions manually from stacks of paper. On this website, we have number of tools and resources that Bookkeepers can use to make their work more efficient. Some of these tools are free of charge. Our software will allow you to finish your work in less time. Our artificial intelligence assisted software will help you scan your client’s paperflow and the software will extract the line items from each invoice. Once verified by you, it is pushed into your accounting system (Quickbooks Desktop, Online). It can save you up to 20 keystrokes per invoice. This means you can complete your work in a fraction of the time it takes now. If you’re billing your clients using a value pricing model, you can continue to charge them for the value of the work you’re doing even if it takes you less time. Freeing you up to take on more clients and make more money.

Please feel free to call us and ask any questions.