The Data Automation Software Is Ready For Implementation

You sent out an email about an opportunity for stay at home parents about six months ago and we have not heard anything since then. What’s happening?

We are a little bit optimistic on being ready to launch this service. In the last five months, we’ve been piloting this service or this concept to a couple stay at home parents just to iron out all the wrinkles. Now, we’re finally at a point where we can actually go ahead and we actually have a platform around data automation and we have staff in place, we have a program in place and we have mentors.

Now we have proved that the concept works and we’re ready to start talking to people who are interested in earning a part time income. We’ve proven our model out and now we’re ready to allow other people to implement that model wherever they might be.

How Data Automation Software Pulls In Sales Information From Different Applications

John, is your software able to pull in other sales information from different applications? For example, if there was a hair salon or retail store that wanted to add their sales information to the software, can they do that?

Absolutely. We have a couple different capabilities. When you’re using our point of sales software for a hair salon, clothing store or a coffee shop, usually the software has some daily sales summary report. So all your client has to do is print off that daily sales summary report as a pdf and upload it to our platform or put it in a Dropbox folder on a local machine.

We’ll extract the data from the daily sales summary report and you create some rules to point the data from that report into various GL accounts in Quickbooks.

The other way is that if you’re using a product like Mind Body Online which is an online spa application, because there’s a public API, we can actually pull in that data automatically into our platform and then push it out to the Quickbooks Desktop software.

So any sort of web-based software application that your clients are using that has an API, we can pull that data out. If they don’t and it’s a desktop application, then we can print it to a pdf and we can pull that data out as well.