Can I set simple transactions for certain vendors to automatically code to a general ledger account?

Absolutely! Quickbooks has a feature called BankFeed that allows you to automate how transactions are coded. What we facilitate, is extracting all the data out of a customer’s scanned bank statement and pushing the data into that interface. (Note – Some bank statements might require a day or two of additional work for us to make sure the data is extracted correctly. This is due to the huge variety of ways that transactions show up in the thousands of banks that are in the global marketplace.

Can I insert the source document into Quickbooks desktop version?

No, Intuits SDK does not support this but we do insert the location of the source document into the memo field. We can insert the source document in Quickbooks Online.

Can I request additional features?

Yes. We are happy to incorporate new features into our application. Please send an email to info at thedataautomationcompany.com.

What counts as a document?

A single invoice or receipt which could be multiple pages. A single month of a bank or credit card statement which could be multiple pages.