How Data Automation Works

We want our customers to have the flexibility to digitize their data and upload it to their portal in a way that works best for them. We have a number of options available:

1. We can do the leg work for you. We have partnered with a state of the art scanning company and would be happy to scan all your documents for you. Simply send us your documents and you can trust that your scans will be uploaded to your portal. We guarantee high quality, high resolution scans and will ensure that all the documents are returned to you in the same state as we received them.

2. Take advantage of underutilized staff to scan receipts and bank statements as they are received. Save the receipts to a folder on your server and we can FTP them up to your portal for you. Our software also integrates with DropBox and OneDrive.

3. You can scan or take a photo with your smart phone of your client’s receipts, bank statements, and A/R and A/P invoices and upload them yourself to your portal.

How Long Does it Take for the Data to Upload?

Data extraction can take several minutes to several hours depending on the clarity of the scan, and the volume of transactions being processed. Once the extraction has been done, you simply log into your portal and code the transactions to the right general ledger accounts. Simple transactions can be set up to auto code and more complex transactions are left up to you to code to the correct account. Once verified by you or your bookkeeper, you can push the data into your accounting software, quickly and easily.